Time Management


Thanks to Ross’ entry I found this video lecture from Randy Pausch on Time Management. It clocks in at 1:16, but it’s worth your time.

Randy’s advice on prioritizing tasks is priceless, and his comments about grad students with families being more productive with their time really hit home for me. Being a foster dad has made me value my time much more. I was so overwhelmed by the transition that this appreciation didn’t translate this into more productivity, but I aim to make it.


One Response to “Time Management”

  1. I agree!! Time management is critical. For me the first hit was moving to the Bay where it takes longer to get anywhere. Commuting, traffic, people… The next hit was moving in with my girlfriend, which inevitably takes up another chunk of time. I’m constantly finding more ways to manage my time better and trying to still figure out how to fit it all in.


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