Improved judogeek, now with 100% more certification!


As of this May, I am a GIAC certified professional (analyst number 15023). I attained my GSEC certification after attending the SANS Security Essentials bootcamp and studying the course materials for a couple months.

This is a great course for anyone new to the IT security field. I’ve worn various shoes in my 8-year career: web developer, systems analyst, and now network analyst. Security Essentials provides a baseline of knowledge across many disciplines and is great for filling in the gaps before pursuing more advanced training.

I plan to continue attending SANS courses and pursuing the GIAC certifications. I’m reviewing ideas for a GSEC Gold paper, and considering the degree offering by STI.


One Response to “Improved judogeek, now with 100% more certification!”

  1. 1 Buzz

    I took the course too but did not get my GIAC cert. I agree that it is a great place to start as far as security and 101 level IT concepts like IP. It is really some great trainging!

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